Softwash Exterior House and Building washing 
Noosa and the Sunshine coast

Softwash exterior Cleaning

Soft washing is a process whereby a low pressure non abrasive chemical is applied to the house, roof, building or even flat work like driveways or paths.  The solution is left for a short period of time to do its work then washed off again with low pressure.

Soft washing has been used in America since the 80's and in Australia for around 20 years though only recently has it been adopted a little more widely as it is extremely effective as removing dirty, mould, fungus, lichen, wasp nest, spider webs, insect eggs and insect larvae without damaging the surface to be cleaned.

Softwash Roof Cleaning

Softwash Roof Cleaning is as described above a process whereby a mild chemical solution is applied to the build and left to work to remove the mould, fungus and lichen that is growing on it as well as the dirt and grim that has accumulated on the surface also.

It is particularly relevant to us in South East Queensland as our buildings are very commonly affected by Black Mould.   Black Mould can cause a host of medical problem for humans and if the mould is on your roof or eaves it is important to properly kill the mould spores that help it reproduce and continue to develop.  This becomes even more of a concern in the event that you drink tank water that has just run off the roof that is covered in black mould.

The Softwash process kills the mould and as the downpipes are disconnected prior to the clean the contaminated (dirty water) does not enter your tank.


Not only does this type of House and Building Washdown protect the building and painted surfaces from exposure to high water pressures but it also kills and removes mould spores, spider webs, wasp nests, insect nests and eggs that have been laid or attached to your house walls, eaves or other surfaces.

It is especially important for timber houses like Queenslanders.  But also an very effective way of getting a complete clean.

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